When Will I Get Pregnant By Horoscope

when will i get pregnant by horoscope

Pregnancy is one of the beautiful gifts to women, but unfortunately, some women get deprived of this blessing. Nowadays many women are facing the problem of infertility. Even after years of marriage, a lot of women are unable to get pregnant. It becomes a tough challenge for them to conceive. There is only one question revolving around their mind, when will I have my first baby?

After spending a lot of money in medical treatments, finally, they look toward the sky and ask for the solution. For this, they knock on the doors of astrologers and seek for help. But there are still some people who do not believe in astrology at all. They always make fun of astrologers and put on a query how pregnancy can be related to astrology? Here we are going to talk about, when will i get pregnant by horoscope?

Pregnancy and Astrology

Yes, fertility and astrology are directly connected to each other. Where medical science fails, there gets a rise to astrology. You would not believe it but, the phases of the moon can actually help you conceive a baby and this is all related to astrology. Believe it or not, you always get pregnant according to your Kundli. From the day when you are born till the day when you die, everything happens to you, is written in your Kundli.

Well, for the same purpose we are here. We will provide you the solution of your major problem and that too free of cost. I will explain you the whole concept with some possible remedies too. So read on further this free prediction to know how you can get pregnant easily without any complications.

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Role of moon in pregnancy

According to astrologers, a woman ovulates in the same phase of the moon when she was born. For example, if she was born in full moon phase then, that is the most likely time when she will be ovulating. In other words, we can say that women’s fertility cycle resonates with the cycle of the moon. Her sex life will be completely determined by this position of the moon. Also, on her lunar phase day, she would be more fertile. This method is known as lunar fertility method.

Let me explain you this concept with one simpler example. Suppose the day when girl was born, the moon was 160 degree and 10 minutes ahead of the sun. So, this means every time when moon will be 160 degree and 10 minutes ahead of the sun, she will have her lunar phase return. You can say that, this will be her conception moment when she can conceive a child with the highest probability. Also, if her lunar conception moment coincides with her menstruation, she will be having second highest probability to conceive successfully.

1. In each month, you get 2 potential moments or chances to conceive.
2. This concept will be same for men as well.

To attain maximum chances of pregnancy, try to choose a date when lunar phase returns of both of you coincide.

Tip: To know these astrological calculations and planetary movements, you can also check online websites which provide this basic information without charging any fees.

How to conceive baby of a particular gender?

Apart from getting pregnant for the first time, people have another issue on the basis of gender. Some wishes for a baby boy and some for a baby girl. Reason being, some couples have all boys with them and they wish to get a baby girl and vice versa. In this case, lunar fertility method may help you with that too.

Yes, it does. According to the study, moonlight has a great influence on sex determination. The study says if the conception occurs on the day of ovulation when it is already a full moon; there are more chances of getting a boy baby. Whereas, if the conception occurs on the day of ovulation when it is already a no moon; there are more chances of getting a girl baby.

Secondly, There is a myth that if you intercourse in days near to your ovulation, you have higher chances of getting a baby boy. Similarly, if you delay you’ll be getting a baby girl.

Why obstacles occur in pregnancy?

However, if a woman faces certain complications in pregnancy, this will be due to the unfavorable distribution of gravitational forces which would be affecting her zodiac sign. Here, not only the predictions of when you will get pregnant will differ, but the remedies too. In that case, you have to consult an astrologer and find out the remedy.

Some of them are given below. You can try one of these following remedies.

1. Wear some gemstones to enhance the power of your planets.
2. Try to impress your deities by worshiping and reverence.
3. Gain the blessing from poor by donating them some valuable things.
4. Pray to god and chant some mantras.
5. Consult an astrologer and do whatever he says.

Important Point: There is one more important thing you need to be careful of to avoid complications in pregnancy. Ladies who are expecting a baby should avoid resting in bedrooms located in southeast, southwest and northwest directions.

Final Verdict

For those women who often ask Google “when she will get pregnant?” this article would be worth reading. On the other hand, for some lucky women, these statistics may not be needed at all. Just by having a casual intercourse, they may get pregnant easily but actually, this is all because of their stars and movements of planets. They may not be aware of the facts that these constellations are playing a major role in their life. But its ok, Let it be!

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In today’s era where technology is getting advance day-by-day, nothing is impossible. Not even your pregnancy. So, there is no need to get depressed and believe whatever happens, happens for good always. If you are having a delayed pregnancy, there must be a reason behind it, decided by your fate. There are many astrologers and online websites which provide free services in order to help people with potential solution of their problems. We are one of them. If you have any other query related to love marriage, arrange marriage, divorce, property issues, or whatever it may be, feel free to ask us. We will try our best to solve them.

Here our very famous astrologer – Pandit R.K Sharma Ji helps you to tell your answer question, when will I get pregnant by horoscope.

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