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Marriage is not just a commitment of two persons, but, it is also a commitment of their Nakshatras. Once a couple gets married, their stars also have a combined impact on their future and lifestyle. At some point or another, the future of your married life is directly linked with astrology. The Science of Astrology explains the whole concept of Kundali Matching in terms of Gun Matching.

What is Gun Matching?

To check whether a particular girl is a perfect match for that particular boy or not, there is a compatibility test taken by astrologers. This test is also called as Gun Milan. This process includes 8 different tests called Kutas. These 8 Kutas are named as Varna/Jaati, Vashya, Tara/Dina, Yoni, Greh Maitri, Gana, Rashi, and Nadi. Each test generates some guns which are summed up altogether and an overall score is obtained. Out of 36 guns, you need to obtain a score as good as more than 18 guns. Less than 18 will be considered as a mismatch. On the other hand, the couple with a score of 36 is considered as an ideal one.

Note: Methods of Kundali Matching varies region to region. In north India, astrologers consider different parameters to calculate the marriage compatibility as compared to South India.

Free Kundali Matching For Marriage in South India

After discussing the whole concept, now, we will be providing some details for free Kundali Matching in South India. In south India following ten points are considered while Kundali matchmaking.

  1. Dhina– It is based on the equation of Stars of the prospective bride and groom. Here, the longevity of the couple is calculated.
  2. Gana– It represents a happy married life and is also considered for general well-being.
  3. Mahendra– It is related to childbirth possibilities.
  4. Sthree Dheerga– It represents happiness and well-being of future couple.
  5. Yoni– It is considered for a harmonious and balanced married life.
  6. Rashi– It indicates future merriment because of children.
  7. Rasyadhipathi– It represents descendants and riches in life.
  8. Vasya– It is all about the love and affection you’ll receive after the marriage.
  9. Rajju– It helps in predicting the longevity of the married life.
  10. Vedhai– The matrimonial life is considered to be free from all evil forces if the Vedhai is nil.

Now, let’s discuss why this Kundli Matching is important before marriage.


5 reasons for why you should match the kundli before marriage

According to Vedic Astrology, if you match the Kundli of the bride and the groom prior to marriage, you’ll get know whether the marriage will be a success or a failure. Here are some crucial points that are directly linked to Kundali Matching and can affect your life after marriage.

It predicts the happiness and discontentment of couple after marriage

A couple’s natal chart is formed when Kundali for both bride and groom is compared to check the compatibility. This chart ensures the merriment of couple’s life. If you match your Kundali initially you’ll be able to handle all marriage-related issues before they occur in your life.

Well, it is in the hands of the astrologer for how he depicts the compatibility issue. A skillful astrologer can point out the extent to which marital happiness can be cultivated. If you are searching for an expert who could guide you with the best advice, then your search ends here. We have one of the best astrologers with us who can help you with this.

It predicts the financial status of couple after marriage

Your stars affect your life emotionally, physically, socially, and economically. There is one significant aspect of your nakshatra which connects your married life with your wealth. When you tie a knot with your partner, all your astrological weaknesses and strengths are also tied up at the same time. This knot can make you the ruler also or can destroy you as well; it depends on your Nakshatras.

If all astrological norms are exercised carefully before marriage then the desire of successful marital life can be fulfilled easily. For that, it is mandatory to match the Kundali before taking a new step in the matrimonial commitment.

It predicts the possibility of children the couple will have

Pregnancy is just another step taken in life after marriage. But sometimes couples get deprived of this blessing. This is due to lack of compatibility between couple’s Kundli. So as to avoid such situations, you should always consult an astrologer prior to marriage.

Marriage is also the base for rearing new generation. Astrology is proved to be very helpful in this respect. If in any case, you suffer from any dosh which obstructs your domestic life. Then, our astrologer can help you in sorting out the issue in a spiritual manner.

It predicts the durability of marriage

If you pass the Gun’s test successfully, you attain maximum chances of welcoming good luck in your life. As you maximize your compatibility score, your chances to enjoy happiness, harmony, and prosperity in life are also maximized. Acceleration in these factors will ultimately increase the durability of your relationship. Moreover, when you are happy and satisfied with your partner, your life journey becomes interesting and exciting.

There are also chances when your stars start conflicting with each other. In such cases divorce takes place. In order to avoid such mishaps, you need to analyze the Kundalis of the couple carefully. This is the job of an experienced astrologer and must be done under the guidance of a skillful person only.

It predicts the health of couple after marriage

Some people enjoy their happy married life in the same way as they wished to have. Their life is full of happiness, wealth, health, and love. But there are some couples who keep their life at risk after marriage. This is due to low compatibility of guns between the couple. As a result, either, one of them dies or stays ill most of the times.

Kundali Matching by Date of Birth

When a child is born, Doctors note down the date and time at which he/she is born. Thereafter, on the basis of this date and time, child’s birth chart is formed. This birth chart is also known as Kundli. This birth chart is further used in making predictions about child’s good luck and forthcoming mishaps. This Janam Kundali is also used prior to marriage to test compatibility between the couple.

Kundali Matching by Name

Not just by date of birth, Kundali matching is also performed on the basis of Names of partners. With Name Numerology compatibility check, you can analyze the positive and negative effects of your relationship on yours and your native’s life. Kundali Matching by Name is going trendy among the youth nowadays. With the help of Online Free Horoscope Softwares, they keep on checking their love compatibility with their partners frequently.

Kundali Matching in Hindi

If you have any queries related to Kundali Matching, then you can contact our expert Pandit Ji who is well skilled and known as the master in the field of matching Kundalis. Our Pandit Ji is famous for making compatibility tests analyzed on the basis of Planetary Positions, Sun sign, Moon sign, Lagna, and Janam Nakshatras. Our expert Astrologer is one of the best Astrologers from India and possesses years of experience in providing services like Kundli Matching in Hindi.

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