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Love is a blissful feeling in which everyone falls in love with someone, someday or the other. In this stage, when you start falling in love with someone, your mind stops working and your heart becomes the ultimate ruler. Moreover, the decisions taken by heart are totally unbiased. It does not comprehend any caste, color or religion. Indeed, Love has no religion but lovers do. This is the root from where love marriages are born.

When it comes to love marriage, couples face many problems, like intercaste marriage. Our intercaste love marriage specialist astrologer, Pandit R.K Sharma Ji going to provide you solution of intercaste love marriage problems.

Why Love Marriage is not considered good?

In India, Love marriage has a different perspective as compared to arrange marriage. According to Indian traditional marriages, children have no rights to enter the matrimony themselves. This right belongs to their parents, guardians and relatives only. They are the one who will decide their children’s life partner which they deem best suitable.

Not only this, in early days and somewhat even now the rules are a bit sterner as the couple who are going to marry have no right to meet each other. He / She have to marry a stranger and spend his / her whole life thereafter with the same, irrespective of the knowing the fact what will be their future. Will they understand each other? Will they respect each other? Or there will be just a compromise in the end.

What a crap!

But this is our own Indian Culture

If in any case, you fall in love with someone who understands you more than anybody else, or if you feel comfortable with someone and wishes to spend the rest of your life with the same, then a taboo will develop all around. And if, by chance, your parents agree for the marriage, like if your partner belongs to same religion, caste, status, then also it will be a jest for the society.

Let’s discuss the issues due to which love marriages become a stumbling block.


Problems faced by couples in Intercaste Love Marriage Problems

Family Problems in Love Marriage

Most importantly, if you live in a joint family there will be comparatively more issues with respect to love marriage. Why I am saying this is because if fortunately, you succeed in convincing your parents, still you relatives are going to moan and groan for sure. They will try to criticize your parents as well.

Secondly, In case of girl’s family, parents are extremely worried about girl’s future. Thoughts running in their mind would be like: Will their daughter be comfortable after the marriage? Will she get the same respect as she is getting right now? On the other hand in case of boy’s family parents are worried about whether the girl will be a perfect fit for the family or not.

Thirdly, Most of the families end up in a mess. No matter how educated the parents are they just try to put blames on each other for the affair. Every person thinks in different ways and lots of conflicts rise between both the families. Hence, there is a complete rejection.

Religion and Caste Problem in Love Marriage

Religion is the top listed criteria to make matches for marriages. The problem of inter religion marriage is so deep rooted that it took years to come out of it, still, it is considered a sin. No matter how much the country got developed, Hindu – Muslim, Sikh – Christian will always have conflicts with respect to Intercaste love marriages. Parents who strictly adhere to the norms and customs of the society are ready to leave their children but will not break the traditional rules because of the community.

Different castes have a different lifestyle, culture, thinking and sometimes eating habits too. In this case, it becomes difficult to adjust with someone belonging to a different caste. It’s ok if you truly love the other person but in the end, you have to make lots of compromises and sacrifices.

Financial Problem in Love Marriage

Things get ugly when there is a major status difference between the families of the couple in Love marriages. Especially, it is the boy’s family that expects a lot of things in form of dowry. Money is the top most priority in which the deal needs to get settled before any further discussion starts.

But nowadays education is changing this scenario and trying making people understand this problem. As a result, the rust of dowry is detaching from people’s mind. Indeed, what’s wrong in that if both wife and husband are earning a good amount? They can settle down themselves and build up a bright future of their own.

Kundli Matchmaking

This is the major issue which creates trouble in matrimony. By fluke, if all the above problems are resolved, this Kundli matchmaking will come up with another big mess. Manglik dosh, Nadi dosh and many other doshes will ruin it all.

But, you don’t have to worry about all this. Like every lock has a key, in the same way every problem has a solution.

Intercaste Love Marriage Problem Solution

Now, when you are clear about all the problems that obstruct an Intercaste love marriage, you must be seeking for a solution.

Well, to for the same purpose we are here. Our Pandit R.K Sharma Ji is a well-known intercaste love marriage specialist that handles all these problems and provides an expert advice to the couple about how to tackle the situation. With the help of few tips provided by him, you can live a better happy life for the entire lifetime. Just by taking some simple measures you can remove all the barriers from your future love life. Some of these are as follows:

  • Wearing gemstones to mend the disturbing planets
  • Worshiping deities to enhance the power of supporting planets
  • Chanting specific mantras for goodwill
  • Making special donations to needy ones or pundits
  • Abstain oneself from doing certain things as advised
  • Learn the methods of Vashi Karan
  • Try Lal Kitab remedies

Intercaste Love Marriage Specialist in India

Our Love Marriage specialist astrologer will help you provide Intercaste love marriage problem’s solution in different ways, like for every issue he has a separate individual remedy. Our pundit ji is well efficient in solving all love marriage issues in a well-defined manner. He is proficient in providing:

  • Remedy for Kundli mismatch in Love Marriage
  • Remedy for getting parent’s approval
  • Remedy to remove all the hurdles in Love Marriage
  • Remedy to impress in-laws
  • Remedy to resolve financial issues

NOTE: Our Love marriage specialist also provides a Hindi translation for the solution of Intercaste love marriage problems.

Love Marriage Specialist in India

Our intercaste love marriage specialist has years of experience and is one of the most popular astrologers of India. It is due to his typical solutions for every type of steep problems which made him gain fame and popularity all over the world.

If you have any queries related to Intercaste love marriage problem, you can contact our expert pundit ji who is expert intercaste love marriage specialist astrologer.

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