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astrology of drug addiction

As we all know Planets deeply influence our lives and so are in this case also. Our Nakshatras and planetary positions have the power to let achieve all the desires of life, or, to destroy everything achieved yet. In the era where drug abuse is expanding day by day all over the world, Astrology of drug addiction is also getting popular strenuously.


On the other hand, we can say that where drug addiction creates the problem, astrology provides the solution. Undoubtedly, medical science can also do that efficiently but astrological science can do that with an ease.

Which planet is responsible for drug addiction

In case of addiction, Rahu is the main villain. He is considered as the god of cheating, fraud, violence, and rapacity. A strong Rahu in Kundli is considered as a hammer blow. Rahu is known to influence people, mislead them and force them to do bad things which are against ethics. Astrology of Drug Addiction is all about Rahu and so the remedies are also linked with the same.

Along with Rahu, Moon and Saturn also play a crucial role in astrology for drug addiction. If the Moon is weak in the person’s birth chart then it may affect and his mental conditions and due to mental irritations, the child may get hooked on drugs. Similarly, malefic Saturn symbolizes sorrow, introvert, depression, silence, and dark which ultimately takes the person towards alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

But the fact is you are the real culprit. If you are fallen into drug addiction, you have compromised with your values. It is always our call to make decisions for ourselves! Still, it’s never too late to mend. If you realize well in the time that you were on wrong track then what could be better than that. Someone has to start one day, why not today? Feel free to contact our astrologer specialist if you or your loved one is willing to defeat drug addiction.

Addiction in Vedic Astrology

Drugs not only ruin your personal life but disturb your family members too. It affects your career, health, relationships entirely. And, the worst part of drug addiction is once you fall into this pit, it becomes hard to come back out of it. This is the reason why Vedic Astrology has come into effect now, to get the victims out from this black hole without hurting them. Yes, Remedies for drug addiction in Vedic Astrology are completely painless.

Astrological remedies for drug addictionAstrological science has the power to change the state of mind, emotions and inner state of people affected by drug addiction. Now let’s check what can be the possible astrological remedies for drug addiction:
I. Performing certain activity or puja suggested by a professional Astrologer.
II. Taking a proper diet as prescribed.
III. Wearing suitable jewels and gems to control your weak planets.
IV. Performing some rituals after consulting a spiritual expert
V. Taking Ayurvedic medicines and treatment after consulting an Ayurvedic doctor.

If you are seeking for an expert advice and proper treatment under a professional astrologer then you are lucky. We have one of the most skilled astrologers in the world with us. He is proficient in providing effective services like drug addiction in India and outside as well. To know the best medication and remedy for drug addiction contact our Pandit Ji without any hesitation.

Drug Addiction Astrology

Before you learn about the remedies, you must know what are the reasons and signs of people who easily get drug addiction. According to our specialist astrologer, these pre-signs forewarn you that you can be the one. Check the points below:

a. People with weak willpower are vulnerable to drug addiction.
b. People with weak Saturn.
c. People with weak Moon.
d. People having a straight middle finger, bending backward.
e. People having a dry textured skin and thumb bending downwards.
f. Coward people running away from their responsibilities.
g. Short-tempered people, disrespecting parents, women, children, and elders.

Drugs and Astrology

Drugs and Astrology go hand in hand. According to our expert astrologer, your planets are the one which gives rise to such problems and they are the one which after treatment can get you back into the normal state. Well, this is not as easy as it seems but still, there are some experienced astrologers who can help you get over it. If you are searching for the one, No need to worry about it anymore! Our highly skilled Astrologer is famous for banishing the drug addiction problems from life.

Astrology of Drug Addiction

Astrology of drug addiction says that if a person has weak stars and due to which he faces problems in his life related to his career, relationships, money, status etc, then he is highly prone to be a drug addicted. To get a right solution for that, it is mandatory to find the prime reason for depression first. Once the root cause is grabbed, the solution gets served itself.

Drug Addiction Problem Solution Specialist Astrologer

Astrology of Drug Addiction believes that the prime thing to do with a drug addict is to teach a lesson of self-discipline and self-control in his life. Be calm and polite always, so that even after the treatment is over, they are able to control their mind and do not get into drug consumption again in future.

Further, In order to perceive the right remedy for your problem, you need to get the right mantra and tantra from a right astrological master. Now the problem is where to find the right master? Now for this, we are here to provide you a right solution. Talk to our drug addiction specialist astrologer anytime and anywhere. His 24 hrs helpline service is open for all. Discuss all your issues and get the best astrological advice for drug addiction without any hassle.

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Astrology of Drug Addiction
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