Astrology of Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol Addiction Problem Solution Specialist Astrologer

Alcohol Addiction Problem Solution Specialist Astrologer

Alcohol Addiction is nothing but a road to hell. We all know that a person who is under Alcohol addiction is left with no sense of duties and responsibilities. The sad part of Alcohol Addiction is once alcohol gets into the body system he/she loses control from the body and find hard to resist it. Gradually crave for alcohol increases and it starts affecting the nervous system. Hence it deteriorates the mind of the person.

Do you know that Alcohol consumption not only badly affects your liver but luck as well? In a gentle way, it ruins your whole life and this affects your connections also. Yes, Alcohol addicts not only trouble themselves but their family and friends too. According to the Astrology of Alcohol Addiction, Alcohol is considered as a silent killer.

Addiction in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology plays an important role in pre-identifying that whether, how and when a person can become a prey to alcohol addiction. Moreover, if there are any such possibilities then with the help of Vedic Astrology you can avoid this too. Yes, it is true that the appropriate application of Vedic astrology principles can actually turn your bad fate and bad habits into bliss.

However, Addiction in Vedic Astrology is nothing but a role played by planets in your life. Their strong and weak powers can cause you addiction also or it can help you get rid out it as well. Let’s discuss the reasons and early symptoms that indicate how a person gets addicted to alcohol easily.

1. If a person has weak moon n his birth chart
2. If a person has weak Saturn in his birth chart
3. If the Venus is very pronounced and the angle is sloping downwards in person’s birth chart.
4. If a person has a ditch in the middle part of his palm.
5. If a person’s thumb is bent downwards and nails are broad

Alcohol Horoscope

Now, the next question that arises in the mind of people when their loved one becomes a drunkard is “Which planet is responsible for drinking addiction?” Don’t worry we have a satisfactory answer to this question. Read below to know the most common situations that occur in the horoscope of alcohol addicts:

Firstly, a person whose Saturn and Rahu are Bad /weak become addicted towards alcohol.

As per the astrologer’s sayings, Rahu is the one who brings darkness in your decisions and makes you blind towards the consequences of addictions. Rahu’s position in your birth chart reveals that you can get addiction problems more easily.

In astrology, Saturn is considered as a planet of darkness. Who so ever has negative Saturn in his birth chart is bound to suffer pain, depression in his life which may lead him to get on alcohol addiction easily.

Secondly, Alcohol addiction also occurs when a person’s Rahu and Moon are weak.

It is said that Moon’s position in a birth chart represents the mental condition of a person. An individual with weak moon position can make a person addicted to alcohol and drugs. Influence of moon has the ability to override the mind of a person and may take a person back in the life of addiction.

Next, According to Astrologers, Neptune is also considered as one of the major cause of a person’s addiction, deception, pain, suffering, drugs, alcohol, and illusions. It is believed that strong position of Neptune in the birth chart can increase negativity in the person which results in Alcohol addiction.

Astrological Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

After discussing the root cause of the problem now we will be giving you the solution as well.
1. Contact an ayurvedic doctor and start your medical treatment today.
2. Keep chanting mantras to mollify the planets. For this, you have to contact a professional astrologer
3. Wear a copper ring or some other jewels and gemstones as suggested by your astrologer.
4. Drink juices, lemon water, cumin water, Ajwain (carom) water etc after consulting an expert.
5. Doing Puja and meditation can also work for you.

These are the general remedies which we think could work for an alcohol addict to get rid of this problem. But to attain an effective and assured result you have to consult our astrologer. He is proficient in solving such kind of issues without causing any pain/suffering to the addict. All you have to do is call him and tell him the issue along with your birth details. Thereafter, he will handle it all himself.

Astrology of Alcohol Addiction

If you are searching for some fast remedies and solution for yourself or your loved one to get rid of alcohol addiction then you are at the right place. Quickly contact our Guru Ji on the details provided. Our Guru Ji has some powerful instant mantras and remedies that can easily help quit drinking alcohol.

Astrology of Alcohol Addiction

Lal Kitab Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

Nowadays most of the wives are searching for a remedy for drug/ alcohol addiction, hoping that someday their drunkard husband would leave their love for alcohol. For the same purpose, we are here.

We have a well-skilled astrologer with us who knows some simple and convenient tactics to resolve the issue of drug addiction/ alcohol addiction. He guarantees to provide some simple Lal Kitab remedies for helpless drunkards that will surely bear fruitful result. After performing this activity the addict with himself start disliking the drugs/alcohol. This is the power of our astrological scientist. To know about this remedy in detail, contact our Pandit Ji at the soonest.

Alcohol Addiction Problem Solution Specialist Astrologer

Alcohol Addiction problem is a serious problem that can be only dealt with Astrology of Alcohol Addiction if someone desires to get instant results. If you are one of the sufferers then you have to contact our Astrology specialist. He will provide the best Mantra to stop drinking alcohol, Totka for leaving alcohol, Vastu tips to quit alcohol in detail.

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Astrology of Alcohol Addiction
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